Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, thoughts and things

2009 has been full of firsts for me. All of them have been learning experiences! And even if they were not the experiences I wanted or expected they were good in their own way. 2009 saw me make my first Etsy sale, I found my niche, I learned how to promote myself and I found that my crafts have value. There is nothing more thrilling than selling something you have created and getting great feedback from those who bought from you. I ended the years sales last night with a sell of 3 fabric postcards I made months ago. The thrill when I received the email in my box was the same as the first time I made a sell. I hope that 2010 will bring more sales, but more importantly more connections with great people who love creating wonderful, beautiful items, and those who love buying these same items.

I look forward to creating more great items this year, and sharing the crafting and creating with you. I love sharing the ups and downs and I feel as if you are all out there supporting me, and that is a great feeling.

I wish you all a happy 2010 full of God's blessings! Can't wait to see what the new year brings.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Contest!!!!! GiveAway!!!!

Last year when I started my Jenjie shop on Etsy it took me a long time to get fans and followers of that shop. In the last year I have learned a lot about Etsy, promotion and such. But I still don't want to take all year to build up my newest shop..... so I am having a giveaway on facebook in hopes that you will bring your friends to my shop.

Here are the rules: this is based on the number of new fans you can bring to my fan page. Suggest my page to your friends and have them post your name on my wall between now the end of January. The fan with the most name post (by other fans) on my page will win a custom stocking with 1 name and 1 design. This is a $30.00 value. You get to pick the design and size of the stocking.

Thank you all for your support!

Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 21, 2009

A few links I would like to share!

So everyone is so busy this week that I don't want to take up too much of your time with a long and wordy blog. Besides I read in a chat room tonight that the only way you will every have a great blog is if you are very funny! WEllllllll you guys have been reading, so I guess you know if I am very funny or not , LOL!!!

At any rate here are a couple of links I want you to check out. This first blog is a great fun blog full of great stories, recipes, pics, etc..... You will love it!

From this blog you can link over to her website which has more short stories, poems, etc. She also has a kid's blog which is a lot of fun, she needs some followers and she loves interaction and comments, so go check her out and show her some love!

The next link is self serving!

I have opened my new Christmas shop and would love it if you guys would check it out on Etsy, fan me on facebook, etc..... I am actively taking orders all year for custom stockings. The earlier you get your order in for next year the more time we have to refine the design and make it perfect for your family.

I also had to add a tiered pricing for these stockings, with the cost of fabric and designs it was a necessity. I will work with you if you need to order multiple stockings you can contact me for a discount on orders of 3 or more stockings.

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you! I hope that this time of the year is full of love and joy, peace and happiness.

Thanks for hanging out with me this year, I look forward to next year!


Friday, December 18, 2009

A new shop is on its way!

I have often wondered why someone would open a new Etsy shop, I mean good grief isn't one shop enough for anyone to keep up with? The answer to that question is yes! It is enough to keep one shop up. Yet I have polled the chat rooms and forums to understand why this happens and I have found that there are good and valid reasons for having two shops. Not only that, but given my current success with my Christmas Stockings I have decided to open a second shop myself. It may seem a little premature, but it is a thought that will not leave me alone and when that happens I find that I need to do it!

I will be opening in the next week or so a new shop dedicated to Christmas items, I have a whole brain full of wonderful ideas and new great items that I am just dying to get started on......well that is after I have given myself a couple of days to rest. I am super excited about this shop and its potential. For the last little while with my Jenjie Stuff shop I have felt adrift....not really sure of what I was doing and not really having any sales! This shop feels right, it feels like home, I can almost see it in my head and I know what it would look like live.

If this shop were reality it would be on the square in Dahlonega. As you walk in the door you are transported instantly, the walls are painted cranberry with murals that make you feel like you are in a winter village. There are large trees decked out with handmade ornaments and covered in twinkling lights and bows. There are shelves of wood holding books and cards and other assorted items. Hot chocolate and coffee and chocolate chip cookies are always available. My handmade stockings and tree skirts are hung all around the walls. Children come in for story time and sit in the corner listening intently as they are read too. Mother's and Grandmothers browse through my items to find the perfect gift for their family and I sit behind my machine right there in the store creating new items and basking in the glow of my little world......

But this isn't a reality store, it is a virtual store! So instead I will work to find the perfect banner, avatar, and I will fill my store with fabulous items. I hope you will all come visit me. I will be blogging and giving you a preview when I get it ready to go! Until then, have a wonderful holiday, and if you don't celebrate the holidays then have a great couple of weeks!


Friday, December 11, 2009

WOW!!!! My gift guides must wait.

What started as a bid on an Alchemy request has turned into a round the clock sewing fest! I have bid on so many, many things on Alchemy before ,and been turned down on 95% of them, that I honestly didn't even believe I would win the bid. The request? 3 Custom Christmas Stockings with embroidery and names. Now I have made stockings before but it was years ago, but embroidery I can I thought okay why not, I will bid. I WON!!! My sales have been so slow on Etsy that I get very excited about any type of sale, and this was not exception.

I scoured my design suppliers to find what I thought were the perfect images for these three stockings and communication begin. I finished the three stockings when we returned home from our Thanksgiving trip. Since that time I have listed the images along with a Custom Christmas Stocking lising on Etsy and I have posted about them on Facebook. In the last 2 weeks I have made 8 Stockings and I am working on 9,10,11 this weekend. They have all turned out lovely and everyone is thrilled with them, but I feel like my eyes are crossing from all the threading of the embroidery machine.

I am not complaining however, I am absolutely thrilled that I can find a niche where there are people who are excited about my work and want my items. It feels wonderful, I just hope the momentum will continue after the holidays.

So my readers will have to do some of their own searching for Etsy gifts.... because right now I am so busy sewing I can't even begin to search for you. LOL

Here are some pics of my stockings, if you are interested you can still order one until 12/17/09 and I should be able to get it to you by Christmas. Or keep me in mind for next year's stockings!
Thanks for sticking with me!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Gifts of Nature

I intended to post this blog before I left to visit my family for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday, I get to see all my family at once and we get to connect with each other again even if it is just for a short period of time. This year was above and beyond what I expected. My family has been affected by illness, arguments, and difficulties all year long. Yet on Thanksgiving day we all came together, like we haven't in years. We ate, of course, we visited, we played games, we laughed, we shared memories, the younger cousins made new memories with a sleepover, it was one of the best visits I can remember. The one thing I didn't do? I didn't shop Black Friday sales. I will do some online shopping, but I am resolute for that shopping to be on Etsy.

With all that being said, I want to bring you the next installment in my gift guide. I have picked lovely gifts for the outdoors, nature, earthy, type gift needs. I have picked things for your yard, garden, patio, even some live gifts! I hope you enjoy and I hope you will visit these shops and see all they have to offer. I feature only one item from each shop, but they all have so much more to offer.

First up is a great item for those on your list who are eco friendly as well as a bird lover. This interesting bird feeder is made from a recycled street light. A wonderful and unique idea this will be a great conversation piece at the next backyard gathering. Not only are you providing a wonderful gift for the bird lover on your list, but two dollars from your purchase is donated to the Nature Conservancy. You can find this great gift at

Our next item is perfect for an evening garden party or a patio accessory. A lovely twist on the same old, same old candle holder; our artist calls these "Mood Lights". Crafted from a plum tree and fit with tea candles, this listing is for 3 mood lights in varying sizes. These lights are sure to strike the mood for your next outdoor gathering. Find this shop at

I love windchimes, in fact I was surprised I was able to keep it to just one windchime item....but I restrained myself. This particular set of windchimes are different from any that I have ever seen. They are made from pottery pieces crafted by the shop's artist, which would give them a lovely and unique sound. Made in a lovely monochromatic color scheme, very natural and lovely! You can find this great shop at

The next item on the list is a beautiful addition to your yard, stained glass house number panel. As you will find out about me by reading my blog, I pick things that I think will appeal to everyone, but I mostly pick stuff that I love. I adore stained glass, I think it is classic and beautiful and I love to see the sun shine through it. This panel sports your choice of colored glass numerals set in a background of clear glass mounted on solid brass legs this panel can be driven into the ground a good 3 inches to make it secure. Find this lovely shop full of wonderful stained glass options for your yard at :

Looking for a departure from the plastic hummingbird feeders that hang outside your windows? So are your hummingbirds! They crave variety and beauty as much as you do. So banish the old plastic standby and find a great new option for your yard. This feeder is a fused glass piece, the lovely little dragonflies are fused into the glass during the firing process which makes them a permanent addition to the feeder. The artist suggest that these look really nice in groups. Go take a look at the wonderful variety that this shop offers at:

Staying within the bird theme, I have a more classic bird house for you. A folk art piece in bright yellow, it looks ready for someone to move right in. This would look great hanging on your porch, or sitting on a shelf. It is a perfect replica of a little cabin, complete with little red chimney and farmhouse plank door. This shop has a lot of great bird houses to choose from, go check them out and pick one for the bird lover on your list.

Don't you love a good hammock? The simply rhythmic motion of swinging above the ground, looking up into the bright blue sky, watching the clouds drift by and the birds circle overhead. There are few things in life that can relax you like a hammock. Whether you live in the woods, beach, or even have a small backyard in the city, it is a perfect gift. This shop offers handwoven hammocks made from quilted cotton. Large and comfy and would make a perfect family gift. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so go pick yours!

Next up we have a very interesting lighting fixture. This shop features mostly one of a kind lighting options. Taking cast off chandelier, lamps, night lights, etc and completely refacing and restoring them; then adding beading, small sculptures, and all sorts of other additions. The result is a fabulous one of a kind lighting fixture for your garden, living room, bedrooms, etc... The item I am featuring today is a chandelier in a cage style with small dragonflies mounted around the outside of the cage. Lovely aqua, green, and white beads hang from the bottom, in the center a medium size pillar candle for a wonderful glow.

Find more by this great artist at
Then I found this lovely shop which specializes in stained glass, fused glass, stepping stones, windows, etc. There were so many wonderful things in this shop that I wanted to show you the whole thing.... but I contained myself and picked one item that I thought was bright and beautiful. This will remind you that spring and summer are right around the corner and fill you with joy and sunlight! This item is a fused glass item which means that the glass is set then the concrete poured around it. You can find this item and a huge amount of other perfect gifts at : My final item is a truly unique item that is the perfect item to help bring the outdoors inside this holiday season, and can last all year long. A living decoration that is low maintenance that is beautiful and unique. Clear ornament balls filled with a living terrarium, there are several style to choose from, but whatever you choose you can't go wrong with this gift. You can find them at :

I hope that you have enjoyed this edition of the gift guide, and had a great time browsing the shops I have featured. If you don't have a nature lover on your list, stay tuned there are more categories to come! I still have plans for a children's addition, women, and lots more in mind.
I found this week as I visited family they would say.... now what is this Etsy thing? If you are unsure, here it is in a nut shell. Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade items! It is that simple, craftspeople around the world come together in one place to bring you beautiful, wellmade, unique, functional, fun items. We are passionate about the handmade movement and want to provide you with great customer service. Most of us offer customization of our items to fit your needs, and we love to work with you the customer. If you have questions or aren't sure how to navigate Etsy, email me or post a comment and I will walk you through it!
Happy Shopping, whatever your need is!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gifts for Men --- All found on Etsy!

If you read my last blog you will recall that I am on a mission to convince people to buy handcrafted items instead of mall and mega store shopping this year. Handmade items are not what you remember growing up. This is not Granny's sweater that is too big or a dress where the seams don't match. These are quality, handcrafted items that anyone would be proud to have! Etsy has millions of items and they cover everyone on your gift list. There is even a place to request custom made items if you can't find what you are looking for through a search.

Since the quest to expose you to great handmade items for your shopping needs has consumed me, I am starting today by showing you gift items for the hardest on your list to shop for.....MEN!!! So without further delay here are some of the great items that I found for the men in your life.

We start with this chunky brown scarf, very simple and masculine! Aptly named "The Dude Scarf", it is made from 100% wool and is a chocolate brown. You can find this item at :

Next on our list is cuff links! Interesting cuff links are great conversation pieces and fun to wear. Every man needs a unique pair of cuff links in his accessory wardrobe.....just don't tell him they are an accessory! These are very cool. Made of authentic buffalo nickles with each one showing one side of the nickle, and mounted on silver links, this is a great gift item. If these aren't quite what you are looking for, this shop boast 90 different pairs to choose from. You can find this great shop at:

Next up we have a simply gorgeous leather wallet, "Genteel Whiskey Brown Leather" this is handcrafted 100% leather and sports a wonderful antique key! What a lovely item and a great departure from those department store standards. This is a one of a kind item and sure to make the men in your life very happy. You can find this item at :

For the hunter in your life we have another wallet/card holders with a bit more "hunteresque" personality. The " Woodland Buck Leather Wallet Card Case" is a wonderful representation of a large buck which will remind the hunter in your life what he is really after on those cold mornings in the woods. This is a smaller version of the traditional wallet, but is wonderful for business cards, folded cash, atm cards, or even a very pretty gift card package. You can find this item at:

Are you one of those gift givers who has no idea what to get so you always go with a tie? Well this year you don't have to feel guilty about giving the same old boring tie..... You can give a fabulous handcrafted, beautifully designed tie that will be the envy of all the guys in the office or at church. Your man will be happy to wear this wonderful 100% silk hand rolled and hand sewn tie. This tie is white silk with a sailboat blue print pattern, a terrific gift for the sailor in your life. You can find this item at:

This next item is the most expensive that I picked for this blog. However if you have a knife collector on your gift list, it is a must have. It is a unique and beautiful piece that would be a joy to give and receive. Engraved a marlin on one of the bolsters, the other bolster features elegant engraving around the Rough Rider logo. I don't know enough about knives to do this shop justice but I would strongly suggest you go take a look at the spectacular workmanship! You can find this item at :

Have a chef in the family? The next shop features all type of very nice aprons, it was very hard to pick which one to feature in this guide. There are deer aprons, bbq aprons, hunting dog aprons, and the one I finally settled on, "Hot Pepper" apron. You can find all these aprons and more at :

I found all of these shops by going to the Etsy homepage, searching "all items", and using the description = men, man. It is that simple! Hundreds of thousand of results are returned and they are all great. I picked things that would appeal to the men in my life, but I am sure that if these don't strike your fancy you can certainly find something that you will love. I hope that you will at least take a few minutes to visit each shop and see what they have to offer. You can visit Etsy by going to!

Of course you are all welcome in my shop as well :)

Happy Shopping! Let me know if I can help you find something. I would gladly help you find something to keep you from shopping mega store!

Next time I will be doing the nature lovers on your list!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Holiday Gift Countdown

I don't get an incredible amount of comments on my blog. This I understand because I don't comment much on the blogs I follow, but I would like to know what you think of this blog, what I can do differently, etc. I get lots of great comments about my shop, but don't make a lot of sales, so I would love to hear from you guys to let me know what I could be doing differently.

In September I was really good about blogging a good bit. I choose a new shop every day and blogged about the artist some, about the work and the items, shared pictures etc.... So I was thinking to myself what could I do get back into the swing of blogging and finding new artist that I love. What can I do to bring attention to the vast talent that Etsy has to offer and show everyone how buying handmade items can be just as easy as going to WalMart or the Mall. How you can find anything that you are looking for, something for everyone on your list.

So everyday between now and Christmas I will be showing you some of the great handmade items on Etsy. And..........since men are the hardest to shop for, I am going to start with them.

Now I have some browsing to do! So stay tuned and watch for these great gift ideas!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life has gotten in the way

How many of you have felt this way? NOW WAIT don't get me wrong..... I am wonderfully happy that my life is so full of fun and wonderful time spent with my kids that it is getting in the way of my crafting. BUT>>>>> I have been so busy with homeschooling, scouts, camping, working fundraisers, clogging, cleaning, and seeing friends, not to mention that pesky little part time job that really helps pay the bills; that I haven't had time to craft.

I did cut out 3 pair of leg warmers 2 weeks ago and managed to sew up the legs, but haven't gotten the elastic in them yet. I also put to use the cute little felted flower I made by felting it directly onto one leg of the leg warmer I am very excited about that set. I have about 2 hours before we have to leave for clogging class so I am hoping to go make use of some of that time to create a few things.

I am also exploring new options. I am really fascinated with the Waldorf dolls which I discovered when blogging last month, and my needle felting is a growing interest. So many options, and I am still trying to find my niche.

I hope you will all share that journey with me. It will be fun, full, and always something new!

Happy Crafting


Friday, October 23, 2009

Sewing Block

Vacation has rendered me useless! That is the only excuse I have. I wanted to take my sewing machine with me so I didn't lose my momentum, so maybe I will blame the dear hubby.

What ever has caused it, I have a sewing block. The ideas are in my head, but when I try to create them, they flop. So tell me what to do? Do you keep pushing through until it clicks again or do you take a break and give it a rest? I feel the need to keep pushing forward.

I had purchased some beautiful Alpaca roving, from The Sage Fox on Etsy, a few weeks back and she was wonderful enough to send along a felting needle. After my first wet felting session was a flop, I decided to give the needle felting a shot. I played with it for the first time yesterday and had pretty good results considering I had no clue what I was doing :) I made a cute little blue flower with a pink center. I have poured over hours of google videos on "how to needle felt" and I have been truly inspired. The amazing creations that can be made from a simple pile of wool have me inspired to be more creative. Maybe this is the thing I need to break the block.

I think some leg warmers are in the forcast for my weekend as well. It is getting colder and those sweet little children's legs need something to keep them warm while they are being fashionable.

I am going to go try to create something. If I succeed I will post some pictures.

Happy Crafting everyone.... and Happy Sales if you are working the fall festival booths !


Friday, October 9, 2009

Its Fall Yall Sale is HERE!!!!

It's Finally Here!

The 3rd Annual GA Etsy Street Team's:
It's Fall Y'All Sale

This weekend Oct 9-11th, shop from our great list of participating stores or search "all items" for GAetsyteam or Itsfallyall.Handmade is never mass produced, so each item is special and unique! Give yourself and your friends the gift of handmade!

This link will take you to shops that have items in the sale as well. Not all items in a shop are tagged so make sure to read the announcements to find out all the details.

List of Participating Shops:

Amber's Aromatherapy

Handmade soaps, lotions, lip balm, milk bath and custom blended teas

20% all orders

Amelia's Soap Co.

Soap Products

15% discount on soaps

April's Afghans

Afghans and other crocheted household items

Free U.S. shipping

Artistspirit - A Reflection of Mind

Glass fusion jewelry, plates and coasters

15% off any item

Beautiful Tree Huggers

Homemade all natural soap, lotion, etc.

Everything in the store 20% off

Be Inspired Designs

Scrabble Tile Pendant Jewelry & Accessories

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE plus FREE SHIPPING


(stuffed) animal skin loveys

Free U.S. shipping, $5 off shipping everywhere else!

Bug's Hugs

Unique handmade creations for anyone that could use a hug!

Free shipping (U.S. only) plus 10% off all orders

Cindy’s Too Cute Creations

Boutique Monograms and Personalized Gifts

25% off of all Embroidery Blanks!

Cocoa Dreams

Personalizable baby bibs, blankets, burp cloths and aprons

Free domestic shipping on everything in shop

Crafters Crossing

Handmade Swarovski crystal and wire jewelry

10% off merchandise orders totaling up to $99.99

15% off merchandise orders totaling $100 or over

The Crafty Coop
Handmade resin jewelry with glitter

All necklaces 20% off


embrodiery,dolls,quilted items

20% off section

Deb's Pane In The Glass

Anything Stained Glass from sun catchers, ceiling fan pull chains to business card holders and holiday items

Free USA and International Shipping!

Deuce Goods

Be original this Fall with one of a kind accessories & gifts

15% off All Hats and Scarves

toddler items and women's accessories

FREE shipping to U.S. on all items


Adorable Art for Children, Babies and Fun Grownups!

Free worldwide shipping, plus 10% off storewide -all refunded via paypal

Fluffy Flowers

cute Creatures & pretty Pouches

FREE shipping to ANYWHERE in the world

The Goddess Within You

Artisian Jewelry

Free shipping

Jenjie's Stuff

Beautiful and Fun Handmade Items

Free U.S. Shipping and 10% off all items

JoyAnna - all things beautiful

Purses, pillows, scrapbook covers, tissue holders etc

FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA on everything in the shop.

Kartu Graphics

Designer of our fabulous sale graphic
15% OFF

K. Berlin Metalsmith

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry - Precious Metals and gems

Free Shipping on All items

Madame Monogram

Personalized intems for Bridal, Baby, Child and Home

FREE pair of luggage tags with any purchase, a $12.00 value

Maria Luna

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry and Fine Art Photography

15% OFF excluding items that are already on sale


Accessories for mom and baby

10% off your total order. Use promo code "fallyall" Money refunded via PayPal.

Nicolita Love

Handmade and Vintage Jewelry and Accessories

Free Shipping on orders over $20 & Free Nola Brooch with purchase


Unique Handmade Jewelry

Buy one get second one half off (BoGo)Sale

Princess Ciarra Raye’s Designs

Jewelry for the little girl inside you

Free Shipping

The Print Duchess Studio

Custom Stationery & Personal and Promo Designs

20% off Rectangular Address Labels


Original Mixed Media Art

15% off everything!


Handmade Silk Scarves and Gifts

Sale Items 15% off with Free Shipping


Kids wear and more

Free shipping

Smelly Rhino Studio

Art with a little Humor!

Original paintings and Prints10% off and free shipping!

Sweet Pea Boutique

Colorful hairbows and clips for girls of all ages!

Buy any hairbow or clip set and get one HALF PRICE, with FREE SHIPPING for orders $10 and up

Worthy Soy Candles & Crochet

Soy Candles & Unique Crochet Creations

10% Off Everything!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


If you are in the mood for some early holiday shopping this weekend (Oct 9-11, 2009) would be a great time to stop by Etsy and take a look at some of the wonderful hand crafted items in the GA ETSY TEAM's "Its Fall Y'all" Sale!
To find shops participating in the sale you can just search "all items" (gaetsyteam, or itsfallyall). I will also have a complete list of shops participating posted at the end of the week.
There are over one million artisans who own Etsy shops and over 300 of them are from Georgia. Products range from clothing, handbags, Mommy products, kids stuff, home decor, bath and body, beauty, candles, custom blended tea, pet products, Georgia team sports items, accessories, jewelry, fused glass and stained glass, fiber goods and textiles, fine art and folk art and lots of other great products! You are sure to find something for everyone on your list.
Buying handcrafted items is a true economic stimulus, you are supporting items made in Georgia by artist who are passionate about their craft and about providing you a quality product, their business is built on your patronage and return visits. A great number of these items are one of a kind and most of these artist are open to custom request for their work!
All the great sale prices and tons of shops offering free shipping, makes this the perfect time to explore buying handmade.
This is the official list of participating shops you can click on the links from here, or just visit Etsy and search " all items" , gaetsyteam or itsfallyall.
P.s. This ad backdrop with the falling leaves was lovingly painted by Rebecca Salcedo (smellyrhinostudio) and the wicked graphics were layered by Maria Allen (Kartu Graphics)
Look forward to seeing you this weekend Oct 9-11 !

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crafting on Vacation???

So as you have read on previous blogs my family and I are currently on vacation at the beach. This trip is always a lot of fun and it is wonderful for us to spend time as a family away from home. As crazy as it seems we are all so busy at home that we don't do as many things together. This is crazy because we home school and I work from home.

This is my confession....... I wanted to bring my sewing machine! I know it is crazy but I truly did want to bring it. I actually contemplated bringing some wool I purchased to work on learning felting, then there was the blanket I was crocheting for my husband... that definitely should have come along because I never work on it at home. But alas Brian made me leave it all behind. All I was allowed to bring was my laptop...............SOOOOOOO here I am blogging and Etsy chatting and twittering to try and keep my shop alive.

I also have a new obsession for the next two weeks. I entered a contest at Take this Craft and Sew it, the contest is being judged now and I have checked my shirt every time I get a chance to see how it is doing. The contest was to re purpose as t shirt using at least one sewing technique. I did this by taking a long sleeve black t shirt and creating a window grid on the front using pink fabric sewing to the inside of the shirt and then cutting away windows so that the pink fabric shows through. On the back of the shirt in the shoulder area I embroidered the word HOPE in hot pink thread with a silver dove right above it. I named this shirt Windows of Hope.

With this contest being judged in October I really wanted to do something near and dear to my heart which is something related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor and I support Breast Cancer Awareness in every way that I can.

If you want to take a look and possibly vote. I would appreciate it.

I also made another version of this same shirt and listed on my Etsy shop. I have also made a new HOPE pillow that is also listed on the site. I will be listing more items with this theme through the month of October. I offer free US Shipping on all items and I will be donating 15% of the sales on anything bought from this line to a local Breast Cancer Awareness charity.

Happy Crafting, for those of you who can this week!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009 Prairie Cottage Rose

The weekend has come to a close and man was it a busy one in my house. We are getting ready to take a much needed vacation next week and it is always such a marathon to get us there.

As a result I haven't had much blogging time in the past few days! Have been keeping anxious eyes on my Etsy site and have given considerable thought to increasing my inventory on Artfire, plus I have discovered a site called Zibbet. More exposure seems like it would be a good thing, I just wonder if all these sites wouldn't just be spreading myself too thin, and would I likely get any better quality views than on Etsy?

Who ever thought that there was so much promotion involved in this. I had such a lollipops and daisies view. I would create to my hearts content in my little sewing room, take pictures, put them on Etsy and the sales would happen. WOW what a shock it was to find out that it wasn't quite that simple. But every day I am learning and discovering and inching my way forward.

One of the greatest things I have found is Etsy Teams. I am a member of 3 different teams and I really enjoy the support system that they provide as well as the exposure. I have gained knowledge, insight, and budding friendships. If you are a part of Etsy and haven't explored joining a team I would highly recommend it, there is something for everyone there.

Okay, on to my feature shop today!

Today's shop is Prairie Cottage Rose. This is an adorable shop full of primitive and folk art pieces, rag quilts and crochet items and they are all wonderful. This shop is a member of my Schooling at Home Etsians (SHE Team). I asked Prairie Cottage Rose where do you find inspiration for your crafting, here is the answer:

My Grammy Snelling:) She was a whiz at so many things: sewing, crochet, knitting, Danish hardanger and a great cook, gardener... the list goes on. My folk art and primitive pieces, especially, remind me so much of visiting her home. Simple, time worn and well loved:)

There is such great variety in this shop and all of it very affordable, this is a wonderful place to start your holiday shopping.

As a bonus this artist also has a second shop full of very cute children's items, PuddinToes. I have included a couple of my favorites from that shop as well. You can find that shop here:

Here are my favorites :

Here are all the ways that you can find this wonderful and talented artist:

Have a wonderful week !


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009- MomPotter

Good Morning everyone. The sun is shining brightly through my kitchen window, making me realize that I need to clean my exterior windows (yuck). That sunshine is a welcome sight after 7 days of constant rain in Georgia. The flooding is heartbreaking and far reaching and the number of communities and families affected is unbelievable. My heart and my prayers go out to all of those impacted and especially those who lost loved ones in this disaster.

Today's showcase artist is MomPotter and her shop Ocean Breeze. This artist is a part of the Schooling at Home Etsian team that I belong to. This California shop features handmade and custom designed beaded jewelry. There is something in this shop for everyone. Everything from fun and funky to rich and classy, you can't go wrong with this vast selection of beautiful items. I found several pieces that I would love to add to my wardrobe and with such reasonable prices you can spice up your jewelry box without breaking the bank.

I can't say this enough, please, please, please go and take a look at this shop. I cannot even begin to touch the wonderful items in this shop with 4 pictures.... but I can find my 4 favorite items.

Now, here are the other ways you can find this wonderful artist:

Everyone have a wonderful and dry day, stay safe!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009- Living Earth Gallery

Rain, Rain, Rain.... it has done nothing but rain for a week and there is only rain in the forecast for next week. In 10 days I will be at the beach and I am praying for beautiful clear weather so that I can sit on the beach and allow the sounds of the ocean to cleanse the years worth of junk away. So everyone out there please wish me clear skies and nice weather so that our only vacation of the year will be a wonderful experience.

Today's feature shop is Living Earth Gallery and artist Lizet Frijiters. This shop is full of beautiful wearable fiber art, all hand felted and original designs. Using organic Merino Wool from Australia, silk, natural dyes, the artist uses a myriad of materials to create these amazing pieces. Wool felting is something that I have become interested in due to the huge range of possibilities, and this artist has some incredible examples of the diversity of this art form.
Lizet Frijiters is a member of the following Etsy teams: ecoetsy street team, etsyFAST street team, dust team and SHEteam.
I asked Lizet about her work, what motivates her, where does she find inspiration, what does she enjoy most, here is her response.
I enjoy working with fibres and textiles. It is sort of playing with it and feeling it grow in between my hands. That's maybe why I am so attracted to felt making. I love texture and form and get a lot of my inspiration from nature and the environment around me, as well as my own perception of what I see and feel. I enjoy creating pieces that are beautiful to look at and soft to wear.
Let me share with you a few of the many pieces in her shop that I am in love with.... but once again readers, please promise me you will go check out the shop yourself to see all the items because I just can't do justice to these artist with only 4 pictures:

Liz also has a shop on Etsy for games of cooperation and problem solving, please take a look at that site as well , .

Other ways you can find this artist :
Etsy shop is
Facebook page:

Have a wonderful day!!!! Happy crafting.................


Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009 - The Enchanted Cupboard

This month is slipping by so quickly that I can barely keep my hands on it. My family and I are taking our yearly vacation in just a couple of weeks. Typically in the south this time of the year it is still very warm and humid and a trip to the beach is not out of the question. But this year we have had a very wet and cooler September, this may mean a colder winter and hopefully some snow.

Today's feature shop is The Enchanted Cupboard, and artist Beccijo. This shop appeals to my childhood fascination with dolls and fairies, with their handcrafted, hand painted wooden dolls and accessories. These are beautiful and timeless items which will appeal to children and adults alike. Although due to the hand painted nature of these creations they would be recommended for children who are past the stage of putting things in their mouth, usually over the age of 3 or 4. One of the most interesting and different items in this shop are their hand painted wedding cake toppers.

Okay, okay I know show you the pictures right???? I mean that is the fun part, that is what you really want to see, right????????? Alright, here they are........but you have to promise me that you will go right to the her shop and check out the entire collection because I just can't do it justice in 4 pictures!!!!!! PROMISE?????????????

When I asked this wonderful artist where do you find your inspiration for your art, her response was :

From my children, my childhood and my imagination.

Here are the ways you can find this talented artist.

Until tomorrow, Happy Crafting !!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009 - Hands Delight

Good Afternoon everyone, it has been nearly a week since I last blogged and I feel terrible for it. I have had a terrible cold this week and just not felt like being creative or even thinking creative. I am feeling slightly better today and I have decided to try and get back in the swing of things.

On a happy note I reached 100 fans on my facebook fan page today!!!! That is a very exciting milestone for my little shop, so thank you to all my fans.

I hope you have all been enjoying the blog this month. I have had a wonderful time doing it, but I have to confess that finding shops to feature and getting those shops to respond to my request to feature them has been more difficult than I first imagined it would be. So Monday I sent an email to our Schooling at Home Etsian group to let them know what I was doing. In response I got several lovely shops that volunteered to be "blogged". Today's shop is one of them and I am only to excited to have her.

Hands Delight is a lovely shop full of handmade crocheted items. They are all geared up for the holidays, and to be frank, making me feel a little bit behind in my crafting :) They also have lovely hats, dishcloths, and other assorted items. If you have never tried a crocheted dishcloth, it is a must have. They are a joy to use and they last FOREVER!!!!

Hands Delight is a member of the Schooling at Home Etsians, Christian Artist Street Team and Etsyhookers.

I urge you to visit the shop and take a look at all these lovely items. So enough of my ramblings and on to the fun part, the pictures of my favorites:

You can find Hands Delight in the following ways:

Happy Crafting !!!!



Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009 - Dragonflys Hollow

Today is a day that no one in our country will ever forget. You will remember where you were, what you were doing and who you were with forever. It is a defining moment, full of pain and tragedy, a moment that changed our world, our lives, our feeling of safety. We can never go back to the way we were before. My prayers go out to the families of all those lost today and in the days since, and to all the troops serving to protect us.

On a lighter note, today I am featuring an artist that I am super excited about. As most of you know, this month I have featured a new artist everyday or so on my blog. I find these artist by going to my team's list of shops and reviewing the shop, finding ones that I love and asking their permission to be a part of my blog. I have found many beautiful shops, lots of talented artist, and I am having so much fun doing it. This artist particularly strikes my fancy because I am a huge doll fan. I have never parted with a single doll that I have ever owned. Dolls are the only toys I buy for my daughter and nieces.... I LOVE DOLLS!!!!

Today's featured shop is Dragonflys Hollow, maker of beautiful handcrafted dolls. Each of these amazing creations are handcrafted down to the very last detail, including their cute clothing; they also use all natural materials in construction. Their designs are Waldorf inspired and each one is unique. You cannot put a price on purchasing a doll of this quality, they will last a lifetime. They also offer custom crafted dolls to meet your particular need. I urge you to visit her Etsy shop or blog to check out all these beautiful creations and find one that you cannot live without.

Dragonflys Hollow is a member of the Schooling at Home Etsians (SHE), EtsyKids, and Natural Kids teams.

Let me share a few of my favorite items with you :

I love this segement, ask the artist. I asked Nancy the creator of Dragonflys Hollow, what do you find to be the most difficult part of crafting. Her response:
The most difficult part of crafting for me is creating a balance in my life. Time is a serious issue. I homeschool my 6 kiddos ranging in ages from 14 to 6. I find myself working on something everywhere we go. My friends have become used to seeing me pull out a doll to be sewn or knitting a sweater every time we get together. Its always a balancing act. I am lucky in the fact that the dolls I make are mostly sewn by hand so I can carry them anywhere and work on them.
Dragonflys Hollow is celebrating their one year Etsy anniversary mark this month and they are giving away a lovely doll named Fae, you can see pictures of her and how to register on the Dragonflys Hollow blog.
I have given you links above to all the sites for this artist, but in case you missed them here they are again.
Happy Crafting everyone!!!! New shops featured next week! Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8,2009- Dancing Wind Designs

Welcome back everyone I hope that you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. At my house, we had a busy start and a slow finish; but I am good with that it means I got to do some sewing yesterday. Though I never feel as if I get as much done as I would like, I have so many ideas and projects going round in my head that it is hard to get them all out without starving my children :)
Today's featured shop is Dancing Wind Designs. A wonderful shop full of one of a kind and limited edition hand woven seed bead creations. These designs are incredibly detailed with beautiful color combinations there is something here for everyone. This shop is a member of the GA Etsy Street Team and the Starving Artist Team.
Here are a few of my favorite things from this beautiful shop:

You can find this talented artist in the following ways:

Go check it out!!!

Happy Crafting........