Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009 - The Enchanted Cupboard

This month is slipping by so quickly that I can barely keep my hands on it. My family and I are taking our yearly vacation in just a couple of weeks. Typically in the south this time of the year it is still very warm and humid and a trip to the beach is not out of the question. But this year we have had a very wet and cooler September, this may mean a colder winter and hopefully some snow.

Today's feature shop is The Enchanted Cupboard, and artist Beccijo. This shop appeals to my childhood fascination with dolls and fairies, with their handcrafted, hand painted wooden dolls and accessories. These are beautiful and timeless items which will appeal to children and adults alike. Although due to the hand painted nature of these creations they would be recommended for children who are past the stage of putting things in their mouth, usually over the age of 3 or 4. One of the most interesting and different items in this shop are their hand painted wedding cake toppers.

Okay, okay I know show you the pictures right???? I mean that is the fun part, that is what you really want to see, right????????? Alright, here they are........but you have to promise me that you will go right to the her shop and check out the entire collection because I just can't do it justice in 4 pictures!!!!!! PROMISE?????????????

When I asked this wonderful artist where do you find your inspiration for your art, her response was :

From my children, my childhood and my imagination.

Here are the ways you can find this talented artist.

Until tomorrow, Happy Crafting !!!!

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  1. Lovely shop! I've seen some of these in person and they are beautiful.