Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009- Living Earth Gallery

Rain, Rain, Rain.... it has done nothing but rain for a week and there is only rain in the forecast for next week. In 10 days I will be at the beach and I am praying for beautiful clear weather so that I can sit on the beach and allow the sounds of the ocean to cleanse the years worth of junk away. So everyone out there please wish me clear skies and nice weather so that our only vacation of the year will be a wonderful experience.

Today's feature shop is Living Earth Gallery and artist Lizet Frijiters. This shop is full of beautiful wearable fiber art, all hand felted and original designs. Using organic Merino Wool from Australia, silk, natural dyes, the artist uses a myriad of materials to create these amazing pieces. Wool felting is something that I have become interested in due to the huge range of possibilities, and this artist has some incredible examples of the diversity of this art form.
Lizet Frijiters is a member of the following Etsy teams: ecoetsy street team, etsyFAST street team, dust team and SHEteam.
I asked Lizet about her work, what motivates her, where does she find inspiration, what does she enjoy most, here is her response.
I enjoy working with fibres and textiles. It is sort of playing with it and feeling it grow in between my hands. That's maybe why I am so attracted to felt making. I love texture and form and get a lot of my inspiration from nature and the environment around me, as well as my own perception of what I see and feel. I enjoy creating pieces that are beautiful to look at and soft to wear.
Let me share with you a few of the many pieces in her shop that I am in love with.... but once again readers, please promise me you will go check out the shop yourself to see all the items because I just can't do justice to these artist with only 4 pictures:

Liz also has a shop on Etsy for games of cooperation and problem solving, please take a look at that site as well , .

Other ways you can find this artist :
Etsy shop is
Facebook page:

Have a wonderful day!!!! Happy crafting.................


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