Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009 Prairie Cottage Rose

The weekend has come to a close and man was it a busy one in my house. We are getting ready to take a much needed vacation next week and it is always such a marathon to get us there.

As a result I haven't had much blogging time in the past few days! Have been keeping anxious eyes on my Etsy site and have given considerable thought to increasing my inventory on Artfire, plus I have discovered a site called Zibbet. More exposure seems like it would be a good thing, I just wonder if all these sites wouldn't just be spreading myself too thin, and would I likely get any better quality views than on Etsy?

Who ever thought that there was so much promotion involved in this. I had such a lollipops and daisies view. I would create to my hearts content in my little sewing room, take pictures, put them on Etsy and the sales would happen. WOW what a shock it was to find out that it wasn't quite that simple. But every day I am learning and discovering and inching my way forward.

One of the greatest things I have found is Etsy Teams. I am a member of 3 different teams and I really enjoy the support system that they provide as well as the exposure. I have gained knowledge, insight, and budding friendships. If you are a part of Etsy and haven't explored joining a team I would highly recommend it, there is something for everyone there.

Okay, on to my feature shop today!

Today's shop is Prairie Cottage Rose. This is an adorable shop full of primitive and folk art pieces, rag quilts and crochet items and they are all wonderful. This shop is a member of my Schooling at Home Etsians (SHE Team). I asked Prairie Cottage Rose where do you find inspiration for your crafting, here is the answer:

My Grammy Snelling:) She was a whiz at so many things: sewing, crochet, knitting, Danish hardanger and a great cook, gardener... the list goes on. My folk art and primitive pieces, especially, remind me so much of visiting her home. Simple, time worn and well loved:)

There is such great variety in this shop and all of it very affordable, this is a wonderful place to start your holiday shopping.

As a bonus this artist also has a second shop full of very cute children's items, PuddinToes. I have included a couple of my favorites from that shop as well. You can find that shop here:

Here are my favorites :

Here are all the ways that you can find this wonderful and talented artist:

Have a wonderful week !


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009- MomPotter

Good Morning everyone. The sun is shining brightly through my kitchen window, making me realize that I need to clean my exterior windows (yuck). That sunshine is a welcome sight after 7 days of constant rain in Georgia. The flooding is heartbreaking and far reaching and the number of communities and families affected is unbelievable. My heart and my prayers go out to all of those impacted and especially those who lost loved ones in this disaster.

Today's showcase artist is MomPotter and her shop Ocean Breeze. This artist is a part of the Schooling at Home Etsian team that I belong to. This California shop features handmade and custom designed beaded jewelry. There is something in this shop for everyone. Everything from fun and funky to rich and classy, you can't go wrong with this vast selection of beautiful items. I found several pieces that I would love to add to my wardrobe and with such reasonable prices you can spice up your jewelry box without breaking the bank.

I can't say this enough, please, please, please go and take a look at this shop. I cannot even begin to touch the wonderful items in this shop with 4 pictures.... but I can find my 4 favorite items.

Now, here are the other ways you can find this wonderful artist:

Everyone have a wonderful and dry day, stay safe!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009- Living Earth Gallery

Rain, Rain, Rain.... it has done nothing but rain for a week and there is only rain in the forecast for next week. In 10 days I will be at the beach and I am praying for beautiful clear weather so that I can sit on the beach and allow the sounds of the ocean to cleanse the years worth of junk away. So everyone out there please wish me clear skies and nice weather so that our only vacation of the year will be a wonderful experience.

Today's feature shop is Living Earth Gallery and artist Lizet Frijiters. This shop is full of beautiful wearable fiber art, all hand felted and original designs. Using organic Merino Wool from Australia, silk, natural dyes, the artist uses a myriad of materials to create these amazing pieces. Wool felting is something that I have become interested in due to the huge range of possibilities, and this artist has some incredible examples of the diversity of this art form.
Lizet Frijiters is a member of the following Etsy teams: ecoetsy street team, etsyFAST street team, dust team and SHEteam.
I asked Lizet about her work, what motivates her, where does she find inspiration, what does she enjoy most, here is her response.
I enjoy working with fibres and textiles. It is sort of playing with it and feeling it grow in between my hands. That's maybe why I am so attracted to felt making. I love texture and form and get a lot of my inspiration from nature and the environment around me, as well as my own perception of what I see and feel. I enjoy creating pieces that are beautiful to look at and soft to wear.
Let me share with you a few of the many pieces in her shop that I am in love with.... but once again readers, please promise me you will go check out the shop yourself to see all the items because I just can't do justice to these artist with only 4 pictures:

Liz also has a shop on Etsy for games of cooperation and problem solving, please take a look at that site as well , .

Other ways you can find this artist :
Etsy shop is
Facebook page:

Have a wonderful day!!!! Happy crafting.................


Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009 - The Enchanted Cupboard

This month is slipping by so quickly that I can barely keep my hands on it. My family and I are taking our yearly vacation in just a couple of weeks. Typically in the south this time of the year it is still very warm and humid and a trip to the beach is not out of the question. But this year we have had a very wet and cooler September, this may mean a colder winter and hopefully some snow.

Today's feature shop is The Enchanted Cupboard, and artist Beccijo. This shop appeals to my childhood fascination with dolls and fairies, with their handcrafted, hand painted wooden dolls and accessories. These are beautiful and timeless items which will appeal to children and adults alike. Although due to the hand painted nature of these creations they would be recommended for children who are past the stage of putting things in their mouth, usually over the age of 3 or 4. One of the most interesting and different items in this shop are their hand painted wedding cake toppers.

Okay, okay I know show you the pictures right???? I mean that is the fun part, that is what you really want to see, right????????? Alright, here they are........but you have to promise me that you will go right to the her shop and check out the entire collection because I just can't do it justice in 4 pictures!!!!!! PROMISE?????????????

When I asked this wonderful artist where do you find your inspiration for your art, her response was :

From my children, my childhood and my imagination.

Here are the ways you can find this talented artist.

Until tomorrow, Happy Crafting !!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009 - Hands Delight

Good Afternoon everyone, it has been nearly a week since I last blogged and I feel terrible for it. I have had a terrible cold this week and just not felt like being creative or even thinking creative. I am feeling slightly better today and I have decided to try and get back in the swing of things.

On a happy note I reached 100 fans on my facebook fan page today!!!! That is a very exciting milestone for my little shop, so thank you to all my fans.

I hope you have all been enjoying the blog this month. I have had a wonderful time doing it, but I have to confess that finding shops to feature and getting those shops to respond to my request to feature them has been more difficult than I first imagined it would be. So Monday I sent an email to our Schooling at Home Etsian group to let them know what I was doing. In response I got several lovely shops that volunteered to be "blogged". Today's shop is one of them and I am only to excited to have her.

Hands Delight is a lovely shop full of handmade crocheted items. They are all geared up for the holidays, and to be frank, making me feel a little bit behind in my crafting :) They also have lovely hats, dishcloths, and other assorted items. If you have never tried a crocheted dishcloth, it is a must have. They are a joy to use and they last FOREVER!!!!

Hands Delight is a member of the Schooling at Home Etsians, Christian Artist Street Team and Etsyhookers.

I urge you to visit the shop and take a look at all these lovely items. So enough of my ramblings and on to the fun part, the pictures of my favorites:

You can find Hands Delight in the following ways:

Happy Crafting !!!!



Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009 - Dragonflys Hollow

Today is a day that no one in our country will ever forget. You will remember where you were, what you were doing and who you were with forever. It is a defining moment, full of pain and tragedy, a moment that changed our world, our lives, our feeling of safety. We can never go back to the way we were before. My prayers go out to the families of all those lost today and in the days since, and to all the troops serving to protect us.

On a lighter note, today I am featuring an artist that I am super excited about. As most of you know, this month I have featured a new artist everyday or so on my blog. I find these artist by going to my team's list of shops and reviewing the shop, finding ones that I love and asking their permission to be a part of my blog. I have found many beautiful shops, lots of talented artist, and I am having so much fun doing it. This artist particularly strikes my fancy because I am a huge doll fan. I have never parted with a single doll that I have ever owned. Dolls are the only toys I buy for my daughter and nieces.... I LOVE DOLLS!!!!

Today's featured shop is Dragonflys Hollow, maker of beautiful handcrafted dolls. Each of these amazing creations are handcrafted down to the very last detail, including their cute clothing; they also use all natural materials in construction. Their designs are Waldorf inspired and each one is unique. You cannot put a price on purchasing a doll of this quality, they will last a lifetime. They also offer custom crafted dolls to meet your particular need. I urge you to visit her Etsy shop or blog to check out all these beautiful creations and find one that you cannot live without.

Dragonflys Hollow is a member of the Schooling at Home Etsians (SHE), EtsyKids, and Natural Kids teams.

Let me share a few of my favorite items with you :

I love this segement, ask the artist. I asked Nancy the creator of Dragonflys Hollow, what do you find to be the most difficult part of crafting. Her response:
The most difficult part of crafting for me is creating a balance in my life. Time is a serious issue. I homeschool my 6 kiddos ranging in ages from 14 to 6. I find myself working on something everywhere we go. My friends have become used to seeing me pull out a doll to be sewn or knitting a sweater every time we get together. Its always a balancing act. I am lucky in the fact that the dolls I make are mostly sewn by hand so I can carry them anywhere and work on them.
Dragonflys Hollow is celebrating their one year Etsy anniversary mark this month and they are giving away a lovely doll named Fae, you can see pictures of her and how to register on the Dragonflys Hollow blog.
I have given you links above to all the sites for this artist, but in case you missed them here they are again.
Happy Crafting everyone!!!! New shops featured next week! Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8,2009- Dancing Wind Designs

Welcome back everyone I hope that you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. At my house, we had a busy start and a slow finish; but I am good with that it means I got to do some sewing yesterday. Though I never feel as if I get as much done as I would like, I have so many ideas and projects going round in my head that it is hard to get them all out without starving my children :)
Today's featured shop is Dancing Wind Designs. A wonderful shop full of one of a kind and limited edition hand woven seed bead creations. These designs are incredibly detailed with beautiful color combinations there is something here for everyone. This shop is a member of the GA Etsy Street Team and the Starving Artist Team.
Here are a few of my favorite things from this beautiful shop:

You can find this talented artist in the following ways:

Go check it out!!!

Happy Crafting........


Monday, September 7, 2009

Busy Weekend

I have to apologize to all my new followers. I promised a new artist every day this month. But this weekend so far has been extremely busy and I just haven't gotten it done. Hopefully you will all forgive me as it is a holiday weekend.... New blog and new shop by Monday at the absolute latest.

In the meanwhile, have a fabulous long weekend and Labor Day!!!!


Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009-Kit and Caboodle Shop

Today's featured shop offers gorgeous jewelry full of beautiful colors and classic designs. This family owned business donates a portion of their profits to orphanages in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, Africa; and is an active member of the SHE -Schooling at Home Etsians.

As a fun little segement I asked the artist this question: What is the most "crazy" crafting project you have ever worked on?

Her response: it would have to be when I was in 7th grade, I made pom-pon chicks for Easter and sold them at school. I had so many orders that I had to get help from my family making pom-pons and cutting out chick feet. I worked hard for little was a great lesson in business. I learned about deadlines, profit (or lack of it), and that owning your own business takes a lot of hard work...I'm still learning these things...

I think we are all still learning these lessons.

Let me share with you a few of my favorite things from this wonderful shop.

You can find this artist in many places. Please go check out her work, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for stopping in again!

Happy Crafting ........


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept 3, 2009 - GrowinLikeAWeed

The second shop in our month long showcase is GrowinLikeAWeed. This shop features handpainted items for children. Step stools, growth charts, toyboxs, wall hangings and more. Fun colors and adorable images adorn every item in this shop. Here are some of my favorites:

Please go check out this wonderful shop you are sure to find something that you will just LOVE!!!!
You can find Growin' Like A Weed @
Growin' Like A Weed, thank you for being a part of my blog. I wish you great success.
Happy Crafting everyone,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1 2009, GenevieveGail

This month I am doing something new with my blog. I am going to be featuring a members of both the Etsy teams that I belong to and in doing so, share with you some of my favorite items on Etsy. Today I am featuring an artist that is on the GA Etsy Street Team, GenevieveGail.

GenevieveGail is a beautiful shop full of whimisical and colorful items. Described as mix between a trendy SOHO shop and Grandma's jewelry box, you will fall in love with these items. I challenge you to visit and not find something that you love.
Here are a few of my favorites:

Just a sample of this great artist vast talent. You can find GenevieveGail in the following ways:
Thank you GenevieveGail for allowing me to spotlight you in today's blog.

Please support handmade/handcrafted items it is true economic stimulus.