Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, thoughts and things

2009 has been full of firsts for me. All of them have been learning experiences! And even if they were not the experiences I wanted or expected they were good in their own way. 2009 saw me make my first Etsy sale, I found my niche, I learned how to promote myself and I found that my crafts have value. There is nothing more thrilling than selling something you have created and getting great feedback from those who bought from you. I ended the years sales last night with a sell of 3 fabric postcards I made months ago. The thrill when I received the email in my box was the same as the first time I made a sell. I hope that 2010 will bring more sales, but more importantly more connections with great people who love creating wonderful, beautiful items, and those who love buying these same items.

I look forward to creating more great items this year, and sharing the crafting and creating with you. I love sharing the ups and downs and I feel as if you are all out there supporting me, and that is a great feeling.

I wish you all a happy 2010 full of God's blessings! Can't wait to see what the new year brings.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Contest!!!!! GiveAway!!!!

Last year when I started my Jenjie shop on Etsy it took me a long time to get fans and followers of that shop. In the last year I have learned a lot about Etsy, promotion and such. But I still don't want to take all year to build up my newest shop..... so I am having a giveaway on facebook in hopes that you will bring your friends to my shop.

Here are the rules: this is based on the number of new fans you can bring to my fan page. Suggest my page to your friends and have them post your name on my wall between now the end of January. The fan with the most name post (by other fans) on my page will win a custom stocking with 1 name and 1 design. This is a $30.00 value. You get to pick the design and size of the stocking.

Thank you all for your support!

Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 21, 2009

A few links I would like to share!

So everyone is so busy this week that I don't want to take up too much of your time with a long and wordy blog. Besides I read in a chat room tonight that the only way you will every have a great blog is if you are very funny! WEllllllll you guys have been reading, so I guess you know if I am very funny or not , LOL!!!

At any rate here are a couple of links I want you to check out. This first blog is a great fun blog full of great stories, recipes, pics, etc..... You will love it!

From this blog you can link over to her website which has more short stories, poems, etc. She also has a kid's blog which is a lot of fun, she needs some followers and she loves interaction and comments, so go check her out and show her some love!

The next link is self serving!

I have opened my new Christmas shop and would love it if you guys would check it out on Etsy, fan me on facebook, etc..... I am actively taking orders all year for custom stockings. The earlier you get your order in for next year the more time we have to refine the design and make it perfect for your family.

I also had to add a tiered pricing for these stockings, with the cost of fabric and designs it was a necessity. I will work with you if you need to order multiple stockings you can contact me for a discount on orders of 3 or more stockings.

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you! I hope that this time of the year is full of love and joy, peace and happiness.

Thanks for hanging out with me this year, I look forward to next year!


Friday, December 18, 2009

A new shop is on its way!

I have often wondered why someone would open a new Etsy shop, I mean good grief isn't one shop enough for anyone to keep up with? The answer to that question is yes! It is enough to keep one shop up. Yet I have polled the chat rooms and forums to understand why this happens and I have found that there are good and valid reasons for having two shops. Not only that, but given my current success with my Christmas Stockings I have decided to open a second shop myself. It may seem a little premature, but it is a thought that will not leave me alone and when that happens I find that I need to do it!

I will be opening in the next week or so a new shop dedicated to Christmas items, I have a whole brain full of wonderful ideas and new great items that I am just dying to get started on......well that is after I have given myself a couple of days to rest. I am super excited about this shop and its potential. For the last little while with my Jenjie Stuff shop I have felt adrift....not really sure of what I was doing and not really having any sales! This shop feels right, it feels like home, I can almost see it in my head and I know what it would look like live.

If this shop were reality it would be on the square in Dahlonega. As you walk in the door you are transported instantly, the walls are painted cranberry with murals that make you feel like you are in a winter village. There are large trees decked out with handmade ornaments and covered in twinkling lights and bows. There are shelves of wood holding books and cards and other assorted items. Hot chocolate and coffee and chocolate chip cookies are always available. My handmade stockings and tree skirts are hung all around the walls. Children come in for story time and sit in the corner listening intently as they are read too. Mother's and Grandmothers browse through my items to find the perfect gift for their family and I sit behind my machine right there in the store creating new items and basking in the glow of my little world......

But this isn't a reality store, it is a virtual store! So instead I will work to find the perfect banner, avatar, and I will fill my store with fabulous items. I hope you will all come visit me. I will be blogging and giving you a preview when I get it ready to go! Until then, have a wonderful holiday, and if you don't celebrate the holidays then have a great couple of weeks!


Friday, December 11, 2009

WOW!!!! My gift guides must wait.

What started as a bid on an Alchemy request has turned into a round the clock sewing fest! I have bid on so many, many things on Alchemy before ,and been turned down on 95% of them, that I honestly didn't even believe I would win the bid. The request? 3 Custom Christmas Stockings with embroidery and names. Now I have made stockings before but it was years ago, but embroidery I can I thought okay why not, I will bid. I WON!!! My sales have been so slow on Etsy that I get very excited about any type of sale, and this was not exception.

I scoured my design suppliers to find what I thought were the perfect images for these three stockings and communication begin. I finished the three stockings when we returned home from our Thanksgiving trip. Since that time I have listed the images along with a Custom Christmas Stocking lising on Etsy and I have posted about them on Facebook. In the last 2 weeks I have made 8 Stockings and I am working on 9,10,11 this weekend. They have all turned out lovely and everyone is thrilled with them, but I feel like my eyes are crossing from all the threading of the embroidery machine.

I am not complaining however, I am absolutely thrilled that I can find a niche where there are people who are excited about my work and want my items. It feels wonderful, I just hope the momentum will continue after the holidays.

So my readers will have to do some of their own searching for Etsy gifts.... because right now I am so busy sewing I can't even begin to search for you. LOL

Here are some pics of my stockings, if you are interested you can still order one until 12/17/09 and I should be able to get it to you by Christmas. Or keep me in mind for next year's stockings!
Thanks for sticking with me!