Friday, October 23, 2009

Sewing Block

Vacation has rendered me useless! That is the only excuse I have. I wanted to take my sewing machine with me so I didn't lose my momentum, so maybe I will blame the dear hubby.

What ever has caused it, I have a sewing block. The ideas are in my head, but when I try to create them, they flop. So tell me what to do? Do you keep pushing through until it clicks again or do you take a break and give it a rest? I feel the need to keep pushing forward.

I had purchased some beautiful Alpaca roving, from The Sage Fox on Etsy, a few weeks back and she was wonderful enough to send along a felting needle. After my first wet felting session was a flop, I decided to give the needle felting a shot. I played with it for the first time yesterday and had pretty good results considering I had no clue what I was doing :) I made a cute little blue flower with a pink center. I have poured over hours of google videos on "how to needle felt" and I have been truly inspired. The amazing creations that can be made from a simple pile of wool have me inspired to be more creative. Maybe this is the thing I need to break the block.

I think some leg warmers are in the forcast for my weekend as well. It is getting colder and those sweet little children's legs need something to keep them warm while they are being fashionable.

I am going to go try to create something. If I succeed I will post some pictures.

Happy Crafting everyone.... and Happy Sales if you are working the fall festival booths !


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