Friday, October 2, 2009

Crafting on Vacation???

So as you have read on previous blogs my family and I are currently on vacation at the beach. This trip is always a lot of fun and it is wonderful for us to spend time as a family away from home. As crazy as it seems we are all so busy at home that we don't do as many things together. This is crazy because we home school and I work from home.

This is my confession....... I wanted to bring my sewing machine! I know it is crazy but I truly did want to bring it. I actually contemplated bringing some wool I purchased to work on learning felting, then there was the blanket I was crocheting for my husband... that definitely should have come along because I never work on it at home. But alas Brian made me leave it all behind. All I was allowed to bring was my laptop...............SOOOOOOO here I am blogging and Etsy chatting and twittering to try and keep my shop alive.

I also have a new obsession for the next two weeks. I entered a contest at Take this Craft and Sew it, the contest is being judged now and I have checked my shirt every time I get a chance to see how it is doing. The contest was to re purpose as t shirt using at least one sewing technique. I did this by taking a long sleeve black t shirt and creating a window grid on the front using pink fabric sewing to the inside of the shirt and then cutting away windows so that the pink fabric shows through. On the back of the shirt in the shoulder area I embroidered the word HOPE in hot pink thread with a silver dove right above it. I named this shirt Windows of Hope.

With this contest being judged in October I really wanted to do something near and dear to my heart which is something related to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor and I support Breast Cancer Awareness in every way that I can.

If you want to take a look and possibly vote. I would appreciate it.

I also made another version of this same shirt and listed on my Etsy shop. I have also made a new HOPE pillow that is also listed on the site. I will be listing more items with this theme through the month of October. I offer free US Shipping on all items and I will be donating 15% of the sales on anything bought from this line to a local Breast Cancer Awareness charity.

Happy Crafting, for those of you who can this week!


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  1. I know I am partial, but I have a fantastic daughter. I am a 14 year survivor and for 14 years she has supported breast cancer awareness. Not everyone is so blessed to have such support, but she doesn't do it just for me, she does it for all women! Thank you Jenjie! Your crafting and projects are fantastic!