Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Holiday Gift Countdown

I don't get an incredible amount of comments on my blog. This I understand because I don't comment much on the blogs I follow, but I would like to know what you think of this blog, what I can do differently, etc. I get lots of great comments about my shop, but don't make a lot of sales, so I would love to hear from you guys to let me know what I could be doing differently.

In September I was really good about blogging a good bit. I choose a new shop every day and blogged about the artist some, about the work and the items, shared pictures etc.... So I was thinking to myself what could I do get back into the swing of blogging and finding new artist that I love. What can I do to bring attention to the vast talent that Etsy has to offer and show everyone how buying handmade items can be just as easy as going to WalMart or the Mall. How you can find anything that you are looking for, something for everyone on your list.

So everyday between now and Christmas I will be showing you some of the great handmade items on Etsy. And..........since men are the hardest to shop for, I am going to start with them.

Now I have some browsing to do! So stay tuned and watch for these great gift ideas!


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