Monday, July 6, 2009

Fabric Stash

Okay... Whew! I feel so much better! See I thought I was the only one in the world with the nasty secret of my fabric stash. It is large, maybe even huge. I hide it in the basement, in bags, boxes, under the bed, where ever I can find to stash a little bit more. Now I am not a horder by nature, but fabric is a passion. While cruising the internet and checking out various sites I have found that I am not alone, there are many people afflicted with this illness. Some of them no doubt got their start like me... REMNANTS. I think they are satan's apples for the crafter. They beckon to me a small piece of really cute or beautiful fabric with a REALLY low price. It calls me over, tempts me to touch it, to feel the soft, or roughy, or bumpy curves of it flowing over my hands. My mind races, what could I make with this, is there enough to do anything with it. Is it cute enough to buy no matter how much there is of it... These are the questions I ask myself. The biggest draw to these remnants for me is at JoAnn's Fabrics. They have discounts on all their remnants sometimes as much as 50% - 75% off the remnant price. I could stay there for hours, feeling the fabric, imagining the possibilities.

I love anything that looks antique, soft and romantic, fleece, bright and colorful, let's just face it I love it all.

So today my husband is taking me to Home Depot to look for the materials to make me a storage system for this fabric. Somewhere that I can stack my fabric neatly and by colors to make it easy to see what I have and what (if anything) I need. I would love to just move down to my sewing room and live there only coming up for a cup of hot tea and a tomato sandwhich.... but my children need to be fed, there is work to be done.

I will post pictures when the storage system is done and the fabric organized.

If you have any sewing related storage tips let me know, I am all about getting that room organized so I can be more productive.

Joyful Crafting....



  1. Wise words Belle.... I have tried to avoid it.