Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Centerpieces- Monogramed vase cover

I created these beautiful wedding centerpieces for my Dad's wedding this past weekend. The vision I originally had was to monogram in the center of a large dinner napkin and then gather it around a canning jar or Mason jar with a ribbon at the top. What I found was that it was very difficult to determine where to place the monogram in order to have it line up as nicely as I wanted. So as all great creative people will find, you improvise. " necessisty is the mother of invention" right? Sooooo I purchased some inexpensive fabric at a local dollar store, that was a large rectangle. I cut two panels size 11 x 9 allowing for 1/2 inch seams on each side. I folded under a 1/4 inch seam at the top which I ironed down, sewed a scallop satin stitch right along the edge so that the scallop is right along the top edge. Then centered the embroidery hoop right on the front of one panel and embroidered a large C right in the middle. From there I made the two panels a "bag" by just sewing along the three unfinished edges.

The results are a simple, elegant and unique centerpiece that is inexpensive. Now simply place a canning or mason jar style jar down in the bag and fill with flowers. I ran out of mason jars and used an old cleaned mayo jar which was plastic. The great thing is that you can't see it so it can be plastic, or glass, it doesn't matter.

Below are some pics of the cover just on my sewing table as well as a couple from the wedding. If you are interested and not crafty you can purchase these from me in your wedding colors and monogram from my etsy site. or click on the title of this blog. Discount prices for bulk orders.

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