Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Blues

I am experiencing the summer blues when it comes to crafting. My busy life has gotten in the way of my crafting and sewing in the last few weeks. I am now readying myself to use my powers for good and creating very simple, yet very elegant flower arrangements for my Daddy's upcoming wedding.

I got this idea on several of the great blogs out there that showcase wedding DIY items that aim at saving you money. I have been on the prowl for several of these ideas since I agreed to plan and execute the reception for this wedding. This wedding started out as a smallish affair with approx 50 people in attendance, it has grown to twice that in a short period of time. While the food budget has had to grow, the need for decor is about the same. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

So here is what I am going to do. I am purchasing 4-5 large white dinner napkins and in the center of this napkin I am going to embroider a "C" onto the napkin. Then I will gather this napkin around a plain quart mason jar (like you would use for canning), tying at the top with ribbon. Inside I will place several different types of red and white flowers and scatter them around my buffet table, cake table, etc...

This would work equally well if you were doing an outdoor wedding, or a rustic wedding, just change up the fabric choices and embroidery fonts. I would recommend a burlap for a more rustic appeal and maybe a block format for your letters. The possibilities are endless.

The examples that I found online used tissue paper which would be just as pretty, but I wanted something a little more substantial. As soon as I have them done I will be posting a picture.

Happy Sewing..... and to those of you planning those weddings out there......Congratulations and Many Blessings!!!!!


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