Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's Day on Etsy

Love is in the air.... why is it when I say that it is in a little sing song voice in my head? I also immediately think of "The Love Boat"....do any of yall remember that? It was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. Most people would say ( in a really fake voice) " Oh I am dating myself", but not me. I am so happy to be over 20 and under 50 that I don't care if you know how old I am! I do not however want you to see all my gray hair, and so I will be coloring that today! Okay, okay I digress........ This is suppose to be a Valentine's gift guide of sorts!

Many of you, I hope, have seen my gift guides in the past months. I hope they brought you ideas for your loved ones gifts. For me they are just another excuse to browse Etsy shops. I have to get you all on board with this. Etsy is like window shopping on steroids. EWWW or like potato chips once you get started you just can't stop until someone unplugs your computer.

So here are some shops that have some really cute items for gifts. These can be Valentine's or Brithday gifts, they are all occasions!

This first section is jewelry, I don't make jewelry but I am so in awe of the wonderful selection of jewelry on Etsy.

First up is Finding Charm, http://www.findingcharm.etsy.com/. This shop is offering free US Shipping and has really lovely items that are great occasions. Check out this piece with lovely red silk beads: LiciaBeads: http://www.liciabeads.etsy.com/, I had so many options from this shop I almost couldn't choose. I was drawn to this one because of the name, "Entangled", and isn't that what love is? We become entangled in those we love, we share their hopes, dreams, loves!
Meredithbead, http://www.meredithbead.etsy.com/, has a large selection of jewelry groupings. There are a large selection of Judaica, African, Thai, Chinesse, and the list goes on. I asked everyone to send me a link to their favorite listing, Merideth sent me 3 links, two that were favorites of shoppers and one that was her favorite. I choose her favorite, because when an artist has a favorite then there is something special about it!
The Gleeful Peacock, http://www.gleefulpeacock.etsy.com/, shared this lovely headband that would be perfect for any age lady in your life. It has a beautiful lacy feel to it and is really feminine. JennJennD's shop, http://www.jennjennd.etsy.com/, has a wonderful assortment of all sorts of items. Most of them look good enough to eat. These charms are perfect for bracelets, necklaces, anklets, well just about anything. You can give your sweet a sweet, and not have to work it off in the gym ;)

Valentine's Day has never really been a thing for my husband and I, in fact in 17 years of marriage, I can only really remember one Valentine's when we ever did anything special. So I am always curious this time of the year at what you do for the men in your life, so as a side note comment me and tell me what you do.

Okay so on to other options, if you are not into jewelry there are other options. In fact there are so many I can't cover them all in one blog, so I am going to leave you with a few more cuties and then you can stay tuned for another addition.

This one is from Michelle's Clay Corner, http://www.michellesclaycorner.etsy.com/, who has an amazing assortment of original handmade clay items. Michelle loves creating custom items so if this item inspires you go visit her shop and see what you can find, or message her for a custom item. Creating your own valentines cards, scrapbook, memory book? Check out this shop for some really cute appliques! Fabric4U, http://www.fabric4u.etsy.com/, they have several to choose from!

Or how about these die cuts, beautiful yellow roses are a wonderful break from traditional red! ScrapingMom1221, http://www.scrapingmom1221.etsy.com/, has lovely, lovely choices , lips, hearts, and much much more to use on your sweeties card. Nothing says I love you more than a handmade card!
And for those of us who don't make our own cards, there is The Paper Button, http://www.thepaperbutton.etsy.com/. I am a big fan of the handwritten sentiment and this is the perfect solution, a beautiful card that you can write your own message on. This is one of many lovely choices:

Lastly I have a couple of pillows, both of these pillows send a clear message to your loved one about how you feel.

First is Petette shop, http://www.petette.etsy.com/ , this shop has amazing pillows with all sorts of great messages, lovely colors and great designs. Check out this pillow that tells your loved one your heart belongs to them, you are "Sold" out in love!

And last but not least, My shop! http://www.jenjie.etsy.com/, go check out this fun mood pillow. I love to do custom work, so let me know if you want a different color to fit your bedroom, or even if you want a different message. This one shows your honey whether Tonight will be the night or NOT!!!!

So I hope you found something lovely, that will inspire you for whatever your gift need! Go check out these shops, or any of the wonderful shops on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/

More to come this month, now that things have slowed down a bit I will be blogging more!

Happy Shopping!







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