Sunday, January 24, 2010

Link you really love my link?

How many of us have been riding the Link Love train? Don't know what I am talking about? If you have a Facebook Fan Page there is a movement out to increase your fans. Discusssion pages are being created for us all to share the url for our fan pages, etsy shops, blogs, twitters, flickr, or what ever else you may have to promote your business.

It is so much fun to click on all the links, see all the beautiful shops and learn about the great artist that create the items. I have become a fan of an obscene amount of shops, I think I am currently at about 370 or so. I know that is a crazy amount, but I am truly fascinated by what people create and what they have to say about what they create. Even in my spare time I search for how to's, tutorials, other blogs on crafting. So for me it is a real desire to be a fan. But is everyone who fanned my site in the last 2 weeks or so truly my fan?

I saw a post by another shop yesterday who said, "my numbers are moving, I gain a fan and lose a fan", she wondered if the people who had become her fans were really interested in fiber. She sales amazingly beautiful dyed fibers, but how many people really use them. While there is a large "bucket" of knitters, crocheters and felters out there, are all her fans really interested in buying her product.

I have to wonder the same thing, I have had my Jenjie shop for over a year now and my sales would be considered dismal by most. Although I am excited by every sale. I have over 200 fans on my Facebook page for this shop, I know of two sales I have made to fans. Now don't get me wrong I am truly grateful for even two sales, and for every single fan. But like my friend in the fiber arts I wonder if some are clicking just to click..........However, on the other hand, if you clicked and added me maybe I will create something that will spark your interest after all!

So I will just go on creating things that I love and I hope you will love, and hopefully my fans will come to love my items and find something they just have to have. I look forward to more and more fans, however I can get them :)

Today I am creating a new T shirt design that my one of my dear friends suggested last night, a reverse applique design with a wine glass design! I am so super excited about it I can hardly wait to get downstairs and make it.

And if you haven't fanned my page, come on down! I have a link love page too, so share you links!



  1. What you say is so true. Sometimes it seems like we're part of this huge group of artists and crafters just trying to "get discovered" by doing as much online networking as possible. In a way, I guess you can't blame us. But it is discouraging sometimes. At any rate, I just fanned your Facebook page and wish you success!

  2. The Tote Trove,

    Thank you so much for becoming a fan! I truly appreciate it. It can be discouraging to be noticed among so many. You know, the world seems so small in so many ways now. We can jump on a plane and in a few hours be around the world, we can jump on the internet and see friends we haven't seen in years..... Yet the cyber world has gotten bigger, and harder to get noticed.

    Heres wishing you much success. I am going to find your shop right now, I can't wait to see what lovely items you have.