Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fall is coming

Can you feel it in the air yet? I said to my husband today as I looked out on the backyard through the pouring rain, autumn is on its way. He laughed at me, realizing that we were standing in the kitchen up to our elbows in 10 quarts of tomatos to be canned. Surrounded by green beans, cucumbers, squash and an assortment of other veggies from the garden.

There may be at least 2 more months of harvest from our little home garden, but I still stand by the fact that the late summer rain that is rolling in is a definite sign :0

I love Autumn! It is my favorite time of the year, a time when there is a crispness to the air like a sweet apple when you bite it. When you can smell wood smoke in the air and smell the boiled peanuts as you cruise down the back is coming, I can smell it, I can hear it, and I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!

I can't wait for my creative juices to begin flowing again.

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