Sunday, February 14, 2010

My most favorite time of the day

This is my favorite time of the day. It is early, at least for my household, morning and everyone is still in the bed. The house is completely silent aside from the thumping of my fingers on the keys as I type this blog. I can even hear the radio from the basement as I sit here, muffled and vibrating with the occasional moany sound when someone hits a high note. It is here in this complete silence where I can envision that next thing I will create. It is here that clarity visits me and erases the chaotic thoughts of motherhood and responsibility.

I have found since I have become an "at home Mom and homeschooler" that this place in time is where everything is going to make sense to me. When I commuted to work, I had 2 hours in the morning of silence to pray, sing, think, reason and 2 hours in the afternoon to clear the chaos of the day away. Now while I don't miss that commute AT ALL!!!! I miss the silence.

I need the quiet for my brain to hear my heart and complete the circle of creativity. So here on this chilly Sunday morning before I wake anyone I can see new designs in my head, I can jot notes about ideas, I can blog about the process which I love.

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope it is quite and peaceful for you too.


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